Best Games like Temple Run

All Temple Run fans out there- here are the details of all those games that are quite similar to the original Temple Run game. Basically, it is a fun to play jump and run kind of game that is normally played on iOS platform, which is totally free to download.

All these games are mainly jumping and running games in which the players are tasked to jump or run away from the initial position to as far as possible. Most of the games like Temple Run are offered completely free to play, and they are widely popular among the present-day iOS device users.

Here are few games that are made available in the iTunes store, and are very identical to Temple Run.

Temple Run: Brave

Temple Run Brave

Temple Run– Brave is a game developed from Disney by joining forces with Imangi, the prime developer of the original Temple Run game. It is a game that is both compelling and promotional. Essentially, it is just the previous Temple Run game that we all are familiar with, but with new casings and the inclusion of rapping goals for extra coins.

Instead of an explorer jumping and running far-off from monstrous flesh eating monkeys, the gamers play as Merida attempting to run faster than Mordu, which is nothing but the demon bear in the game.

Aby Escape

Aby Escape

Aby character seems very catchy for its rapid, reverse-wearing feet. It certainly deserves to be considered as one of the best alternatives to the real Temple Run game, since it is a completely free to play game with an exciting game-play, and an impressive story mode.

In this game, the users play the character of a bi-pedal raccoon labeled Aby, who is being hunted down by people. The players need to sprint away from the evading obstacles and gathering coins on the way, until making the last point.

Subway Surfers

subway surfer

Subway Surfers game is greatly an obvious replica of Temple Run, where the gamers play a gangster who sprints far away from a chasing cop. The only change is that it has eliminated both right and left turning, and substituted it with 2 more sprinting lines.

The newly added lanes offer some variety, as both lanes provide different impediments, bonus points, and coins to the players.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Jouride

In simple words, Jetpack Joyride is an endless flyer or runner from Halfbrick, which is quite similar to the earlier Temple Run. This is side scrolling flyer and runner, where the player needs to fly and run as far as possible escaping obstructions that are confronted in the process, and accumulating coins.

Just like many other endless sprinting games, in this game, the players can gather power-ups while running, which assists to run greater distance.

Mega Jump

Mega Jump

Mega Jump is another free iPad game that has a standard game-play and seems similar to Temple Run. It is an endless jumping game in which the player needs to constantly gather coins so as to advance up. It also provides various forms of power-ups in the process, including a shield, changing into a huge balloon, and an umbrella.

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