Best 5 Android Games for RPG Players

There are many offline and online Android role playing games available in the market. Here, we are presenting the best five for you to download, if you haven’t downloaded them till now.

Gaming on tablets or mobile phones is always fun and you can play whilst on the move, in bus, on the train or airplane. Here is the top 5 list of brilliant action and role playing games to entice you.

Kingdoms Live

This is a smart role playing game with lots of action sequences. You need to battle hard and later make to the top of the mightiest kingdom. You will be starting the game as peasant and if you play well, you will be rewarded.

The main features in the game include battling other players, joining almost 1.5 million players, and choosing between races. You can see 3 classes of warrior, rogue, maze, lots of weapons, and armour, and the spells that keep you busier.

This game is stunning and worth downloading.


This is a dynamic RPG that is greater, faster, and also offers more enjoyment to say the least. The game comprises of 227 unique maps and also massive 136 quests. There are 4 distinctive classes, which include Shadow Hunter, Sword Knight, Nature Shaman, and Mechanic Launcher.

You can play this game in single or co-op play mode. You can also collect 47 in-game titles with character boosting effects. Players who played this game personally felt that the game doesn’t disappoint you.

Order & Chaos Online

This game is a favourite for all Android gamers; it can be played online as the title itself suggests- Order & Chaos Online. It is complete 3D MMORPG game for all Android devices.

Here, you can see thousands of online players joining this game. You need a Wi-Fi connection and Gameloft LIVE! The main features in the company include four races, which again includes Orcs and Undead for Chaos, Humans fight for Order, and you need to choose the gender before playing the game.

Cyber Knights RPG

In the surveys, it is proved that Cyber Knights RPG is the best Android RPG

Cyber and Nano-technology thrives with Cyber Knights; they are beyond the global arms race and human abilities. Elite urban mercenaries are deniable, expendable, and effective.

Inotia3: Children of Carnia

This particular game is listed in the 2nd place for 2011 Best App Ever Awards. Other features in the game include Party Battle System that allows the player to combine almost six classes to construct their own party. You can download the game from Android market.

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